Friday, December 4, 2009

The Sandwich Times - Volume 3

First off, I must apologize to my faithful readership for a lack of updates in the last little while.

Rest assured, I have many interesting sandwiches to review for all of you, but unfortunately I must-ard commit to my studies at this point in time. Lettuce all hope that upon completion of my exams, that I will be able to club this sandwich blog back into its feet.

To begin a quick 'best-off collage' of procrastination-induced google image sandwich searching:

Camden Yards: Baltimore

Jeff's Tateleh (Yiddish for father) from Carnegie Deli for a measly $21.95:
aka A Reuben designed by the manufacturers of Lipitor, consists 3 Lbs. of turkey & corned beef, Russian dressing + 8 slices of Swiss served on pumpernickel with cole slaw

Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop in L.E.S. - The most delicious oxymoron I've ever eaten:

Other tidbits:

1. Scholarly consensus seems to have emerged on the best way to cut a sandwich... Triangle> rectangle

2. Sandwich to be tried as accessory to vehicular homicide . In other Legal Sandwich developments, this cop tried to use his authority to secure sandwich discounts

3. The first and only location of Miami Subs closed after two short months. Fans of deep-fried brown food and tacky 1980's Florida souvenir shirts mourn the city over.

4. Here's some automative/sandwich nostalgia

I wish my non-existant car could make that sandwich.

Be on the look out for lots of blogging from Canwiches 1st ever Corporate retreat in the Turks & Caicos - where the results of the much lauded Peameal on Kaiser survey will be released, as well as a Veal sandwich guide and what has been deemed the Chinese Democracy of Sandwich Blog posts, Jesse's Authoritative guide to Deli.