Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Sandwich Times - Volume 4.

1. For those who wondered Tom Selleck's relationship to Sandwiches, I give you this (Thanks Tyson)

2. Revenge of the Sandwich?

3. Sandwich = H1N1 ??? (Editor's Note: these disparaging and libelous statements against the Sandwich MUST end)

4. Mayonaise, Black Forest Ham to Share Top-Billing in Upcoming Sandwich (Care of my favorite sandwich parodists, The Onion)

5. Is the introduction of a french fry featured sandwich (which I must as a responsible Sandwich advocate, differentiate from sandwiches merely containing fries) a carb-tastic development or a glum glop of gluten?

6. To close: The Superbowl (aka the single day of the year where comically oversized sandwiches are not just permitted but encouraged) has resulted in my personal quest for a subway style party size sub. Here are selected excerpts from two emails chains I have had with various sandwich makers to procure such a sandwich

Original Email:


I am wondering if you guys are able to do a custom sandwich akin to the subway party sub (e.g. 3-4 foot party sub) for a superbowl party.


Jesse Todres
Bon Vivant & Gentleman about Town


1) La Bottega - Arguablly Ottawa's finest Sandwich proprietor:

Hi Jesse,
We can do an Art-Is-In Baguette size Sandwich ( 4 full La Bottega Sanwiches per Baguette). Cost would be 19.48 per baguette plus taxes.
Best regards,
La Bottega Sandwich Department. emphasis added

2) Sky Blue Sky"

"Hi Jesse,

We do a sandwich loaf which is about 2 feet long. What we do is stack the meat and cheese, etc., on the dough and wrap it up. Something for the Super Bowl I would suggest our Pizza loaf (Genoa Salami, Mozzarella Cheese, Onions, Tomatoes, Olives, Green Peppers) and our Philly Cheese Steak loaf (Roast Beef, Carmelized Onions, Cheddar Cheese and Green Peppers). The nice thing about this, is you pick it up from us already prepared in advance and before you eat it just put it in the oven for a few minutes to warm it up. It won't affect the sandwich at all except get the sandwich hot and melt the cheese.

Hope this helps.

Chad "

To be Clear, THIS is what I consider to be the benchmark (source: Pieson Pizzeria in Catasauqua,PA)

(P.S. if anyone from the aforementioned city is reading may I suggest the following town-motto:

Catasauqua: Funny Name, Giant Sandwiches

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Veal or No Veal; A Canwiches'; search for Toronto';s Best Veal Sandwich – Episode 1

To begin with, a knock knock joke:

Knock Knock?
Who's there !
Veal chop !

Veal chop who ?
Veal chop around veal see what bargains vee can pick up !

Thank you, Thank you. I'll be here all week.

The most recent addition to my Sandwich roster is the veal cutlet/parmigiana Sandwich.

For a period of time, I avoided veal: from the late 90's to the mid 2000's. Perhaps this marked some attempt to try and reconcile my pseudo-environmentalist beliefs with my insatiable taste for animal flesh. Around 2004, I decided to wholeheartedly sellout with my first actions being: ending my bans on Starbucks and Veal. While I still show little to no love for MoreBucks one of the added benefits of my new pro-sellout mantra is that I am able to eat veal without the slightest tinge of guilt or shame.

Veal Sandwiches, whether they be adorned with Parmigianino, are an essential Sandwich. The best versions have a crispy exterior, and have alternating bites of chewy and tender veal. Other essential addons are fried mushrooms, peppers (be they sweet or spicy). However, the quality and cooking of the veal is the first among equals in Veal Sandwich appreciation.

Competitor #1 Vinny's Panini

Vinny's Panini is a hole-in-the-wall Sandwich shop at Dupont and Grace, catering largely to nearby constrution and body-shop workers. The roster of Sandwiches featured at Vinny are the staples of Paninism: Chicken Cutlet, Eggplant Parm, Steak with a modest selection of Italian and domestic sodas.

It is frequented largely by residents from neighbouring Corso Italia and various workers from local body shops, giving it an enthusiastic thumbs up for Sandwich authenticity.

When you order a Veal Sandwich at Vinny's, you WILL be warned of the 15 minute wait. THIS WAIT IS CRUCIAL TO VINNY'S VEAL SUPREMACY! The 15 minute waiting period ensures that you will have a freshly fried Veal cutlet placed carefully onto your bun.


  • Perfectly cooked veal
  • Crispy bun
  • Great Mixture of Peppers (Sweet, Mild, Medium, Hot)
  • Well-Balanced Marinara Sauce


  • The Wait (but that's what makes it so perfect silly)

Overall Evaluation:

  • 9.5/10 OPAs


Competitor #2:

N'ino D'aversa Bakery

As a York Student, I often rue woefully about the lack of culinary options around the school. Some 100 in-class google and chowhound "Sandwich near York U" searches later (which coincidentally birthed this very blog) I found the N'ino D'aversa Bakery.

N'ino D'Aversa bakery, is a smallish family run Chain with Locations in Thornhill, Woodbridge and North York (the One I visited) . It has everything that The Sopranos' and other Italian-American based TV shows have led me to believe your average family needs: vinegar peppers & eggplant, gelato, fresh to order pies, fresh made Italian breads and Gelato.

Two factors dominate the Nino D'aversa Veal Sandwich: fantastic bread and warming tray veal. As a result, the bread is perfect crusty yet soft, but the veal is somewhat mealy.


  • Great Bread. Crispy, fresh exterior, good conduit for sauce.
  • Free DELICIOUS Fried Mushrooms
  • Free Parmesan (likely because they also sell pasta)
  • Great Italian desserts


  • Mealy, lukewarm veal
  • Marinara sauce was a little bland.

Sandwich Pics:

The Mess AFTER (notice the four napkins):

Overall Impression

7/10 Opas

This concludes round one of Canwiches Veal-off. Next up is York U cafeteria Michaelangelo's, Mustachio's from St Lawrence Market and Two (count'em TWO) different reviews of California Sandwiches.